Creating a Social Media Plan for Hostelle

Hostelle Site

Tourism Inspiration* & Hostelle** are now working together on a Social Media Plan for Hostelle.

Hostelle is the first and only all-female hostel in Amsterdam. They have a great new website and communicate over a few social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, as well as Pinterest & Bloglovin’(though currently not really explored yet).

A Social Media Plan for Hostelle: Step 1, Theory

The idea is to ensure that the brand will grow fanbase on all platforms, in order to get people enticed to go to the website and book via the booking engine. As one knows, external booking platforms, such as, Expedia, Trivago & the likes, can ask for a hefty commission fee, chewing into profits.

Thus, an integrated social media plan is needed, where the site sits centrally, and all social media platforms will post from that site. As such, not only the fan base on each platform will grow, and interact with the brand. Posting from the website will ensure that backlinks come from each of the different social media platforms, making it easier to get indexed by Search Enginges (Google, Bing, etc).

Furthermore, by carefully creating clever blogs & landing pages, it should be possible to funnel people through the site to the booking enigine, as well as getting them there directly. See representation below.


A Social Media Plan for Hostelle: Step 2 an audit.

As mentioned aboove, Hostelle is already present on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, as well as Pinterest & Bloglovin’. Most of these platforms are already on brand, though some platforms need to be further explored & explanded. 

For each of these platforms one has to explore, what kind of fanbase exist, what posts do work, what don’t and how effective these posts are. 

Social Media Plan Hostelle: Step 3, plan ahead

For planning we can use a day to day excel sheet, where to post what on each channel.


A Social Media Plan for Hostelle: Step 4, using tools & measuring

Using tools such as & Hootsuite  we can shorten the links, and plan ahead. Furthermore, using such tools, as well as website analytics such as Google Analytics, or Jetpack, etc., will give us the opportunity, to analyse the data. Think about the following questions, how often, do our links get forwarded, re-posted, and how do the links to site & booking engine perform?

Remember: Measuring, is knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t. This way one can almost predict how each post will perform.


A Social Media Plan for Hostelle: Step 5, optimisation

After careful consideration it is then time to pick & choose. What will be the star performers, and what won’t. At the end of the day, this is where the money is made. Eventually, the bottom line is where succes is measured: there need to be bookings through these media.


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*Tourism Inspiration is is a Tourism Marketing, Communication & PR agency & all about inspiration; how to inspire potential customers to go on holiday using your company, busines, or visit your destination.

**Hostelle is the first, and only all-female boutique hostel in Amsterdam (and possibly the world).