Cheat Sheet Vakantiebeurs 2020

Vakantiebeurs 2020

So, you’re going to the Vakantiebeurs 2020 in Utrecht. Brilliant! We’re sure that you thought of everything to provide all the information to your potential audience. Just in case, we have provided a quick Cheat Sheet, so you can check. If there’s something that we can help you with before the start of the Vakantiebeurs, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Form  below.

Cheat Sheet Vakantiebeurs 2020:

  • We’re sure your booth or stand looks great. Just to be sure, are there enough people present, to man your booth/stand? It’s always awkward fot clients to come to your booth and there is no one present.
  • Are there enough business cards/flyers/brochures for the 5 days of the Vakantiebeurs? 
  • Is there a means for you to gather contact details of potential clients? Albeit online or offline?
  • Is there a (Dutch) website? Is there a Dutch Landing Page on your website?
  • Do you have a Social Media Strategy present? Perhaps even a strategy for the Vakantiebeurs specifically?

Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures 

Ga een stapje verder

Brochure Creation

Business Cards, Flyer & Brochures are essential, as we’re sure you know. This is what it’s all about; providing your target audience with the information they need to know to come to your destination, or to book their holiday with you. We’ve often seen people with suitcases filled with flyers & brochures to go through, so they can make a decission about where to go. owever, more often than not, we’ve been to stands on the last few days of the Vakantiebeurs, and all business cards, flyers & brochures have run out. Interested? Here you can check out the Brochure we made a few years back for Northern England. If need be, Tourism Inspiration can develop some last minute business cards, flyers or brochures for you. Please use the Contact Form below, if you are interested in this.


Gather contact details

Another point on the Cheat Sheet, and essential part of the Vakantiebeurs, is to gather contact details. In doing so, you can contact them afterwards, with that targeted special offer. Often a simple game, such as leave your name & e-mail to enter a draw & win something is ideal. This can be done off-line, but better is online. Also, social media can be used herefore. Which brings us to the next few steps.


Dutch Website & Landing page

Marbles Inn

Website Design

Is there a Dutch website in place? A website is essential in the Netherlands, with over 87% of Dutch people checking things online. Even though the Dutch are pretty good with their languages, it really helps to have a Dutch language website in place. It’s always easier to understand things in your own language. Even if there isn’t a Dutch website, it helps to at least have a Dutch landing page with some form of data collection present. Here the potential client can leave their details and ask for the information it may need. Do you have a landing page? Would you like a Dutch website, or a dedicated landing page, then please indicate at the the Contact Form below, and perhaps we can set something up before the Vakantiebeurs starts.


Social Media Strategy

Hostelle Facebook

Social Media Stratey

The Vakantiebeurs lends itself ideally to connect to potential clients via Social Media, as well as to gain more exposure through Social Media. One, you can ask potential clients to connect, in order to engage with them. Two, it’s possible to host a competition, so that potential clients can engage with you. Interested in creating your own Dutch Social Media Strategy for the Vakantiebeurs and in general?  Check out the Social Media Strategy we created for Hostelle. Or fill in the Contact Form below, and perhaps we can set something up before the Vakantiebeurs starts. 


Pre-Vakantiebeurs 2020 Contact Form 

I am interested in:

Brochure Coordination Northern England

Noord Engeland is Great Britain

Tourism Inspiration together with VisitBritain and Northern England have put together the texts and images to create the Northern England brochure for the Vakantiebeurs. Furthermore, contact was made with possible advertisers & partners, in order to pay for the brochure creation.

Tourism Inspiration was responible for translation, copy writing, image selection and map creation.

Below you can download the final version of the brochure: “Ga een stapje verder”.

Ga een stapje verder

Cover “Ga een stapje verder”

5,000 copies were printed & was used during the Vakantiebeurs 2016, in light of the VisitEngland 2016 campaign.

Interested what kind of brochure Tourism Inspiration can create for your destination or company?
You can contact us via the contact form, or via the button below.


Fam Trip Northern England


Tourism Inspiration, with VisitBritain and VisitEngland, has organised and accompanied the Fam Trip to Northern England for the Yourtravel & The Travel Club Agents, in light of the 2015 Northern England campaign. This Fam trip was organised so that the travel agents of these companies could familiarise themselves with the area, and the highlights of the region. 

The Fam Trip visited the following:

Wednesday 9th of December:

Thursday 10th of December:

Friday the 11th of December:

Saturday 12th of December:

Below a short video with some of the best highlights of the trip:


You can book this trip (and similar trips to Northern England) with:

Jennifer Cheung

Manita Driezen

Marianne Heuzer

Ingrid Jansen

Danielle Meijer

Samantha Storteboom

Monique Vokkert

(This trip has been made possible with the help of: VisitBritain, VisitEngland, VisitYork, Visit Durham, Visit Newcastle, York Minster, York’s Chocolate Experience, Whitby Abbey, Auckland Castle, Durham Cathedral, Visit Newcastle, and the inspiring guides: Alan Rowly, Jan Williams, and Gwen Keating)

For more information about Fam & Press trips, please go to our press & fam trips page.

Want to know more? Please contact Tourism Inspiration via our contact form and we’ll get in touch to see how we can help you.

Press & Fam Trips


Consultancy Agreement with VisitBritain


Consultancy Agreement with VisitBritain

Due to increased Consumer Tourism Marketing activities by VisitBritain in the Netherlands, Tourism Inspiration & VisitBritain Amsterdam have entered a Consultancy Agreement, where Tourism Inspiration will give Marketing Advice, Marketing Support, organising Fam Trips, and assist with Consumer Marketing Campaigns for VisitBritain.


VisitBritain is the strategic body for inbound tourism and the national tourism agency for Great Britain. Would you like to know more about VisitBritain, or actually VisitBritain, please go to for more information and to buy tickets.


Tourism Inspiration is a full service tourism marketing company specializing in Tourism Marketing, Communication & PR; how to inspire your target audience. Please check out our site for more information, or contact us directly via the contact form.