Tourism Inspiration specializes in organizing Fam & Press Trips for Tourist Destinations.
Through deliberation with the Destination & perhaps some Market Research the correct target audience is defined; what demographics, and interest is suited for this specific Destination?

Then, the Tour Operators and Media that target this particular market ar sought out.
After which the specific modes of travel are determined, the attractions are decided upon and finally type of the accommodation will be decided upon.

Finally, Tourism Inspiration, takes all these factors into consideration, and will come up to a spectacular trip, where all the best features of the Destination will be shown.
That way Tour Operators and Media will convey positive messages about your Destination, to the selected target audience.

For example, early December 2015 Tourism Inspiration organised a Fam trip, together with VisitBritain, Northern England, Visit York, Visit Durham & Visit Newcastle. Go to the Fam trip to Northern England page for more information about the trip.

Want to know more? Please contact Tourism Inspiration via our contact form and we’ll get in touch to see how we can help you.