Special offer for Vakantiebeurs 2020

Vakantiebeurs 2020

Going to the Vakantiebeurs, Utrecht in 2020? Here you can find what we do. Please leave your details below and tell us your interests, so we can create a taylor-made special offer for you.

Campaign Co-ordination

Tourism Inspiration can design and co-ordinate your campaign in the Netherlands for you. Also, we can look for possible Dutch partners who can contribute in the campaign, both budgetwise as well as through exposure, and use of other resources.

€ 1250,-*

Campaign management

From overseeing creation & design, to budget management, as well as analysing & tweeking where necessary.

€ 75,-/hour*


Online Marketing

Website / Landing page creation

Tourism Inspiration can create your Dutch website and landing pages for you. Including SEO writing, as well integration with database forms, Social Media integration & Google Analytics.

€ 1250,-* 

Webdesign Marbles Inn



Adwords, Banner advertising

We can drive traffic to your website and / or landing page with Adwords, Banner Advertising (including retargetting) & Social Media.

€ 65,-/hour*

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing entails setting up the different platforms, driving traffic through advertising, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as maintaining contact with clients. 

€ 1250,-*


Social Media Marketing

Database management & E-mail marketing

Collecting data on the forementioned website, landing pages & social media platforms. Using this data to e-mail possible customers with information, partner information, special offers & winning prizes.

€ 1250,-*


Email Marketing


Offline Marketing & PR

Fam Trips

Tourism Inspitaration can contact & organise familiarisation Increase product awareness amongst Dutch Tour Operators & Travel Agents in order for them to increase product.

€ 1250,-* 


Fam Trips


Invite Dutch travel programs, magazines, bloggers and vloggers to take trips via forementioned Tour Operators & Travel Agents, in order to raise awareness amongst consumers.

€ 1250,-*

Brochure creation

We can create your brochure for you, specifically aimed at the Dutch market. Partners can be sought who can contribute and deisign a special offer for your brochure. 

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Brochure Creation

€ 1250,-*

What is the Tourism Inspiration special offer for the Vakantiebeurs 2020?

Tourism Inspiration can offer you an integrated on- and offline campaign aimed specifically at the Dutch Market.

* Prices above are standard prices, indications only, please fill in the form below to show where your interest may lie. That way Tourism Inspiration can make you a tailor-made offer for your upcoming campaign. 

Please fill out where your interests lie, so we can create a tailor-made offer for you:

Campaign Co-ordinationCampaign ManagementWebdesignAdwords & display advertisingSocial Media MarketingDatabase Management & Email MarketingFam Trip OrganisationPRBrochure Creation

Consultancy Agreement with VisitBritain


Consultancy Agreement with VisitBritain

Due to increased Consumer Tourism Marketing activities by VisitBritain in the Netherlands, Tourism Inspiration & VisitBritain Amsterdam have entered a Consultancy Agreement, where Tourism Inspiration will give Marketing Advice, Marketing Support, organising Fam Trips, and assist with Consumer Marketing Campaigns for VisitBritain.


VisitBritain is the strategic body for inbound tourism and the national tourism agency for Great Britain. Would you like to know more about VisitBritain, or actually VisitBritain, please go to VisitBritainshop.com for more information and to buy tickets.


Tourism Inspiration is a full service tourism marketing company specializing in Tourism Marketing, Communication & PR; how to inspire your target audience. Please check out our site for more information, or contact us directly via the contact form.

Further Analysis First Results Golf Travel Motivation Survey

Further Analysis - First Results GTMS

In our First Analysis  of the Golf Travel Motivation, Tourism Inspiration provided you with the top level information about how many golf travellers take specialized golf trips; how often they play per vacation; and where they find their information.

In this further analysis we dive deeper into the information and look for the differences per region.

Tourism Inspiration decided to choose segment the following regions:

–          North-America (a sample of 72 golf travellers);

–          Great Britain & Ireland (66),

–          Mainland Europe (104);

–          Rest of the World (51): consisting of Australasia (36), Africa (5), Latin America & Caribbean (10)


Further Analysis - First Results GTMS

Or click the link below for your downloadable PDF:
Further Analysis First Results Golf Travel Motivation Survey

Want to know more? We will provide you with more market information, segmented by age, gender, and ability, as well as dive further into the motivations for choosing a destination.

Please leave your details and join our mailing list below, and we will contact you with more results as they become available: 



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First Results of the Golf Travel Motivation Survey

Further Analysis - First Results GTMS

Always wondered how many people actually take specialized golf trips?
How often they play per vacation?
And where they find out their information?

At Tourism Inspiration we have conducted some market research, and some of the First Results we’re able to share with you.

For example:

  • Almost 300 people from 38 different countries filled in the questionnaire.
  • Only about 1/3 take specialized golf trips; the rest take ‘normal’ holidays, partake in other activities, and play a few rounds of golf as well.
  • 73% play 1-3 rounds of golf per vacation; 21% play 3-7 times per vacation; 6% plays more than 7 times.
  • 64% find out their information about their destination on the internet; 26% find out most information from friends and family; 5.5% from magazines; 3.5% from Social Media; and only 1% name the TV as their main source of information gathering.  

These are just some preliminary results. You can download them in an easy PDF for you, so you can have them for your own use:

Click here for a PDF of the First Results Golf Travel Motivation Survey

Want to know more? Please leave your details and join our mailing list below, and we will contact you with more results as they become available: 



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Destination Golf

Maarten from Tourism Inspiration, has now joined the Destination Golf team, where he will be writing, and contributing to the PR for the Dutch Market.


Destination Golf – Issue 13 – November 2013 – p.5

Destination Golf Media Ltd is a leading provider in contract golf sales, golf marketing and golf consultancy services to the golf industry.

Destination Golf

Destination Golf


They also make some excellent Global Golf Guides for Golf Destinations: