Brochure Coordination Northern England

Noord Engeland is Great Britain

Tourism Inspiration together with VisitBritain and Northern England have put together the texts and images to create the Northern England brochure for the Vakantiebeurs. Furthermore, contact was made with possible advertisers & partners, in order to pay for the brochure creation.

Tourism Inspiration was responible for translation, copy writing, image selection and map creation.

Below you can download the final version of the brochure: “Ga een stapje verder”.

Ga een stapje verder

Cover “Ga een stapje verder”

5,000 copies were printed & was used during the Vakantiebeurs 2016, in light of the VisitEngland 2016 campaign.

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Tourism Inspiration will be at the Vakantiebeurs on Tuesday the 9th of January, on Trade Day.

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Email Marketing


Tourism Inspiration can do your Database Management & Email Marketing for you.
Databases might be obtained from one’s own website, social media platform or via 3rd parties.
These databases can be used to e-mail possible customers with information, partner information, special offers & winning prizes.

An example of Email Marketing by Tourism Inspiration

An example is GolfinHolland, the organisation to attract golfers to the Netherlands. Here, strong images & messages were used in the emailings. Also, GolfinHolland gave away prizes for filling in questionnaires. And in most mailings GolfinHolland sought partners in order to present offers for their customers. 

Consequently, this drove potential customers to the website to seek information about partners, and through the questionnaire, deepened the information of the database. 

Email Marketing Golfinholland

Ultimately, this particular emailing had an open rate of over 60%, and click through rate of over 45%. Which are extremely high. Furthermore, the mailing resulted in direct sales with a number of partners.


Email Marketing for your destination or company

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